Duncan Paranormal Society

Getting familiar with the unfamiliar.

Established on July 1, 2009

We are located in Omaha, Nebraska. We are currently serving clients in Nebraska and Iowa.

Founded in 2009, Duncan Paranormal Society has prided itself is being a reputable paranormal group it can be. Our clients are treated fairly and with respect!

Duncan Paranormal Society (DPS) is a non-profit organization that prides itself on taking care of its clients needs in dealing with the paranormal. Duncan Paranormal Society makes its clients uncomfortablity its top priority. We come into every case open-minded, sympathetic, and skeptical. Our first attempt is to disprove a haunting. With solid proof by video or voice recordings does a case be ruled haunted.

Duncan Paranormal Society also has an education department. If companies, schools or other organizations are needing any kind of classes in the paranormal, DPS will conduct these classes with a nominal donation.

Duncan Paranormal Society is funded through donations and sponsorships.

All investigations are conducted free of charge to our clients. There are no hidden fees.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday                           10AM to 9PM                           Saturday                                       9AM to 10PM                           Sunday & Holiday                         12PM to 6PM     

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