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Becoming A Member Of DPS
Duncan Paranormal Society is a professional organization and we encourage potential members to realize that this organization is not for hobbyist. This organization is for people that want to investigate and study the paranormal. Members will be called to investigate primarily. All other tasks are secondary.


Duncan Paranormal Society has a few requirements that must be met prior to becoming a member. These requirements are:

1. Interview: All potential members must be interviewed. This requirement, allows the directors to understand the motives of the person wanting to become a member. This also assists the directors in communicating to the potential member what would be expected out of him or her.

2. Age: Duncan Paranormal Society does not discriminate against age. However, members must be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate.

3. Reliability: Members must have reliable transportation. Even though this is a non-profit organization and positions are voluntary, members must be able to make it to events on time. Having reliable transportation is paramount to the success to Duncan Paranormal Society.

4. Communication: Members must have a way to communicate with the directors. Members will be required to respond promptly when requested rather by phone, and Facebook.

5. Membership Dues: Potential must be able to pay, at the time of orientation, the full $50. Membership dues are a one-time payment. This due is a payment for lifetime membership in the organization.

6. Adherence: Each member must adhere to the rules and regulations of Duncan Paranormal Society at all times.


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